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Towpath Radio was founded in the summer of 2020. At that time it was a standalone internet oldies station that ran from a kitchen counter and an incredibly comfortable couch! Thanks to the some of the world’s best technology becoming affordable and accessible to independent broadcasters we’ve been able to grow to 3 internet stations plus a blog based news website. With the addition of River Rat Country, Sweet 419, and All News Northwest Ohio, we now do business as Towpath Media, LLC.


The operation is still rather simple. Our main broadcast studio is located in Grand Rapids, Ohio inside a small barn in the center of town near the historic town hall. Each DJ broadcasts from their personal studio and uses the power of the internet to connect to the main studio. The corporate companies have their big fancy studios and subpar content coming from their speakers. Our concern is the quality of content coming out of the speakers, we’ll leave the pony show to the corporate stations.


Towpath Media has deployed some of the best technology in the world to get our stations into the ears of as many listeners as possible. Listeners can hear each station on the Towpath Radio or Sweet 419 app. All stations are available on their given website, Alexa, Roku TV, and other radio directory apps (which allow for in car listening).


Advertising opportunities are now available for all three of the Towpath Media stations, including visual advertising on the Towpath Media websites.


Towpath Radio – Our flagship station! Towpath Radio plays hit oldies from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s with a strong tie to the village of Grand Rapids. Each month Towpath Radio brings in 1500-2000 unique listeners as reported by our streaming provider, this does not account for those listening in stores, offices, factories, etc. The average listener is age 45 or older. Listeners tend to listen for 2+ hours. Though Towpath Radio is hyper local to Grand Rapids, Ohio, people listen all over Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Towpath Radio is home to DJs you’ve heard around the Toledo airwaves including Josh David, Bill Michaels, Ben, and London Mitchell. Listeners across the area wake up to Good Mood Mornings with John and Heidi and get their daily updates from Northwest Ohio broadcast legend London Mitchell! Many of our clients have confirmed an increase of business after running ads on Towpath Radio. Contact for more information.


River Rat Country – Our second born! River Rat Country plays ‘90s country, classic country, bluegrass, and new outlaw country. Our typical listener is 35 – 55 with a strong rural background. River Rat Country is still in its building phase, reaching roughly 300-500 Northwest Ohio listeners per month. Each morning, listeners wake up to the Van Camp and Morgan Show with London Mitchell news. Contact us at for advertising rates for River Rat Country.




Sweet 419 – Our baby! Sweet 419 picks up where Towpath Radio leaves off with ‘90s and 2k hits. Sweet 419 is targeted toward adults 34-54 living in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area. Where Towpath Radio and River Rat Country have more of a rural feel, Sweet 419 reflects life of those who grew up around Toledo in the ‘90s. Since its launch in 2022, Sweet 419 reaches 500-600 unique listeners each month. Contact us at for advertising rates for Sweet 419.


Websites – Each station has its own website.,, and We also have, which is a collection of the news blogs that appear on each site. A 30 day sample between March and April 2022 shows 2,220 unique visitors across all four sites. Our websites serve multiple functions, each with its own web player and collection of local blogs that report local news and events. Websites are configured for mobile devices as well. If you’d like your logo in front of thousands of Northwest Ohio readers contact for website rates.


Our clients tell us that advertising with Towpath Media works! Your ads won’t get lost in 5 minutes commercial stop sets and we produce all spots locally. Towpath Media is owned and operated in Grand Rapids, Ohio. If you want multiple messages we’ll even record multiple commercials to rotate and we’ll change them up throughout the schedule. Please contact for more information.

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