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Check out our new look!

Hello! I hope you like the new look of the Towpath Radio website. We launched Towpath Radio in July of 2020 and this is the first major update we've done since then, the nerd in me is very excited.

You might notice much of the content is similar but the one major update is the addition of the Towpath Radio blog, which is where you're reading this. The big plan is to give us an avenue to generate original content for the Towpath Radio family. My big hope is we can publish local news and Grand Rapids town hall happenings as area newspapers rarely dig into small town news.

We will also be able to publish information to stories we talk about on the air, and maybe some funny cat videos. I'll save my personal journal entries for another time!

Poke around the site and keep coming back to check out the blog.

Thanks for reading,

Josh David

Owner/ Program Director

Towpath Radio/River Rat Country

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