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Cruise from Toledo to Put-In-Bay This June

Updated: Jan 5

Traveling to Put-In-Bay just got much easier with the addition of a new ship that will depart from downtown Toledo. (Scroll to bottom for updates on this story).

J & M Cruise Lines, the owner of the Sandpiper Boat and Water Street Taxi & Tours, is welcoming the new Glass City Pearl to downtown. The 65 foot long vessel will be available for both public and private charters and be docked behind One Seagate. Cruises will be available from Toledo to Cleveland, Detroit, Put-In-Bay, and other islands in Lake Erie. The ship will also be made available for weddings, birthday parties, private corporate groups, church groups, conventions, fishing charges, and more.


As of this post the Glass City Pearl is heading to Toledo from Niantic, Connecticut. Once she gets to Toledo the United States Coast Guard will inspect the ship, which can travel up to 17 knots. Her current capacity is 105 in salt water but could possibly be more after stability findings in fresh water.

You can expect to hop a cruise on Glass City Pearl in early June. UPDATE: The Glass City Pearl is now booking cruises! Info here.

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