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DORA Discussed in Latest Grand Rapids Meeting

Updated: 3 days ago

Village of Grand Rapids Council met in a regular scheduled meeting on Monday, Feb 13 that appeared to last just over one hour.

Council briefly discussed a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). Council agreed that it should be discussed as a council of the whole meeting opposed to any particular committee meeting as DORA could fall into any one of the committees.

Village Solicitor Ryan Rothenbuhler was in attendance and officially appointed by council. Mr. Rothenbuhler worked with the previous solicitor, Mike Marsh prior to Marsh's retirement.

Visitor David Fowler spoke to council to address the letter he attempted to present in a previous meeting. Fowler wanted to clarify that he did not feel as though his rights were violated. He went on to state that he didn't want to be another point of contention during the meetings. Fowler also addressed Councilperson Lynn Sylvain and stated that though her heart is in the right place she appears to have no willingness to cooperate or work with her peers on council. Sylvain thanked Fowler for his statements.

Other items:

  • Approval of bills in the amount of $49,214.12 from January 20 through February 23.

  • The EPA completed a survey of the water system and found no violations.

  • Unlimited pick-up is set for April 22. You can find details here.

  • Council addressed the closure of Hock's Bike shop and noted some businesses are struggling in town. There was mention of the village getting involved with creating events to bring more people into town.

  • Council is looking into having a meeting to discuss the chicken ordinance.

  • Mayor gave credit to Fiscal Officer Kristel Beyer for earning the village an award from the state for the highest achievement in open and transparent government.

  • Village to pay Historical Society $1,200 for use of the Old Fire Hall for meetings to cover utilities. Meetings have been held in the larger room since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the Old Fire Hall.

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