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Grand Rapids Father and Son Spot Oddity in River

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The legend of the Maumee River Monster came alive for a Grand Rapids man and his son Thursday afternoon. The duo spent their morning fishing for walleye in Waterville until they hit their limit. That’s when they went for lunch at Miss Lily’s before dropping their lines back in from the 109 bridge between Grand Rapids and Napoleon.

Maumee River at Grand Rapids. Reports say the Maumee River Monster swam up river.

Donny Trickmeyer and his son Cole snagged what they thought was a giant log floating down from Napoleon. It turned out that they hooked what appeared to be the large serpent last seen in 2009 near the mouth of the river. The cryptid made a loud squeal then ripped the fishing pole out of the senior Trickmeyer’s grip as the beast swam down river.


It’s been said the prehistoric serpent has been roaming the river nearly unseen since just after the ice age. Towpath Radio reached out to retired DNR officer Bill Jokely who said he investigated such sightings just a handful of times in his 60 years on patrol along the river. Bill told Towpath Radio that sightings of the serpent occurred at the mouth of the river outside Toledo, but his investigations found the giant catfish-like creature must have swam upstream past Grand Rapids during the last big flood. Bill estimates the creature is about the size of an F-150. Donny and Cole concurred with that assessment.

Officer Bill told Towpath news, “I love April fool’s day, don’t you!”

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