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Josh Explores "House of the Rising Sun" in Springfield Twp. [Video]

Updated: Jan 5

In my YouTube series, "Paranormal Exploring," I headed out to Springfield Township in Lucas County to find "The House of the Rising Sun."

Unlike the Wolfinger Cemetery and Gibb's Bridge videos, "The House of the Rising Sun," named after the hit Animals song, is not a well known place to visit among paranormal investigators. I was first introduce to this old destroyed home when I was a kid in the '90s. My mom and dad would tell my brother and I about the old house in the the middle of the wood that would be the location of many parties in the '60s and '70s.

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The home was nothing more than a basement but it was always a mystery through my childhood. In my early teens, my friends and I would set out into the deep black swamp woods to find this creepy old home. Once we found it, the house became a place for us meet up as we set out in the woods to play hide-and-go-seek on Saturday nights.

As I was brainstorming places to explore for this new channel, the memories of "The House of the Rising Sun" popped into my head. My mom joins me in this video as we set out find the house, seek out any paranormal activity, and share memories from when we were young. We also uncovered part of the story behind this home and why they call it, "The House of the Rising Sun."

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