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New Signs Mark Access Sites in Grand Rapids

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

New signs have popped up around the Village of Grand Rapids marking access sites along the Maumee River Water Trail.

Two signs have been erected marking the Blue Bell Island access site at mile 31.1. One sign sits along Front Street just east of the Mill House. The second sign is posted on the Towpath Trail just east of the Boy Scouts’ cabin. A third sign sits west of Town Hall at the boat docks marking Gilead Side-Cut Canal at mile 31.7.

Maumee River Water Trail marker along Front Street in Grand Rapids

According to Metroparks Toledo, the Maumee River Water Trail stretches 107-miles from Maumee Bay to the Indiana border with 40 access sites. The trail connects multiple Metroparks, state parks, and other publicly owned parks, making for a beautiful kayak trip.

Water Trail sign facing the Maumee River on the Towpath Trail

So what’s with the new signs in Grand Rapids? According to the Metroparks Toledo, Gilead Side-Cut and Blue Bell Island have always been access sites since the trail was established in 2018. The new signs were ordered in 2018 and have just now been posted.

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