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Severe Weather Possible for Wednesday

The Wood County Emergency Management Agency is warning the public about the high probability of severe weather that could produce tornadoes on Wednesday, April 5.


According the the EMA multiple rounds of storms will be expected Wednesday which could produce large hail, 70 mph winds, and put the area at risk for EF2 tornados or greater.

The briefing states that this storm is currently producing two inch hail and 70 to 80 mph winds in Iowa, causing structural collapses.

EMA states, "The information produced is that this is a very rare event and is the first time we have seen this is several years. The tornado threat is a high probability."

EMA suggests the public:

  • Have multiple ways to get emergency notifications.

  • Keep cell phones charged with backup batteries.

  • Have a family communications plan.

  • Make sure you have flashlights with spare batteries.

  • Prepare for extended power outages.

Wood County is part of the CodeRed program. Once signed up you'll get texts or calls warning of severe weather in your area. You can sign up here.

New Life Community Wesleyan Church on Woodburn and Second Street in Grand Rapids has a storm shelter open to the public. Those who need it should enter through the single door on the west side (dance studio door).

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