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Talking to Ghosts in a Ghost Town [Video]

Updated: Jan 5

The history of, what was, Providence, Ohio, is rich. The town became populated during the rise of the Miami-Erie Canal and died with the demise of the canal.

The lore behind Providence doesn't end there. The town was destroyed by a fire, Cholera swept through, and the canal often brought in uncontrollable crime. Theft, assaults, and prostitution was not uncommon around lock 44 and the Oberle Hotel.

Today the town is no longer a town, but a park. It's frozen in time with the historic Ludwig Mill and popular canal experience.

Video below...

This is the K2 I use:

This is the digital voice recorder I use for EVP audio:

I did a quick EVP session while sitting on the porch of the mill. I was shocked with the various voices the recorder picked up. No one was in the park. It was just me.

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This is just part one. My friend, Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster, will be in town later in the summer to help with part two!

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