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The Haunting of the Just For You Shoppe [Video]

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Hey everyone! This is Josh! Somehow in the last two years I've become a guy with a ton of fun projects. Most of you know about my three internet stations, Towpath Radio, River Rat Country, and Sweet 419. At the beginning of the year I started a video project that has given me some amazing opportunities to visit various areas across Northwest Ohio and share their spooky history.

"Paranormal Exploring" is the name of the project. Often, it's just me, my camera, and backpack heading to a location with a haunted history and seeing if I can have an experience. You can watch the videos from Wolfinger Cememtery, Gibbs Bridge, and other locations at

Recently, my good friend Tammy Schuster was in town. Tammy and I met when I was hosting a morning show in Northern Michigan. She was our weekly psychic/medium guest who would come on and do free readings for listeners. Tammy and I remained good friends over the past 10 years but we haven't seen each other much since I left Northern Michigan, twice that I can count with the most recent about three years ago.

We decided that she would visit Grand Rapids for two days over the summer and we would shoot as many Paranormal Exploring videos as possible, then release them between July and Halloween of 2022. We did this the second week in July of 2022 and it was a blast! We visited the old Westwood High School, the old Williams County Jail, and we revisited Gibbs Bridge, Providence Park, and Wolfinger Cemetery.

Our first stop of the two days of filming took us to the Shoppes at Carson Block in Grand Rapids. The owners, Joe and Stephanie, were more than willing to share their story about the spirit who haunts the back room of the Just for You Shoppe.

I will save the details so you can watch for yourself in the video. Tammy is very good at what she does and she shined some light on the young ghost and helped fill in some details of the haunting.

Check it out below and subscribe to the YouTube Channel for new videos, which are released every other Sunday at 7 p.m.!

Pretty cool, huh!??!

Here's what we have in store for the end of summer and fall of 2022...

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