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Towpath Radio Goes to the AM Dial in Grand Rapids

Towpath Radio has taken another step at making it easier to listen. Those living in areas of Grand Rapids, Ohio are now able to tune into Towpath Radio at 1470AM.

Internet broadcasting will remain the main way of hearing Towpath Radio, but we understand there are members of the community who are more comfortable with listening to traditional radio. 1470AM, Grand Rapids, reaches mainly in the areas west of the railroad tracks to areas of Mary Jane Thurston State Park. The signal carries across the river to areas of Providence Metropark and can be heard just south of the Grand Rapids' Care Center. The best time to catch a clear signal is during the daylight hours. The signal may improve over time as we continue to adjust and tune the transmitter.


How did we do this? We were tipped off to a low-power form of broadcasting called Part 15 broadcasting. The FCC has allowed low-power FM and AM transmitters, that operate extremely low power, to operate without a license. These are typically the mini transmitters you might use in your car, like an aftermarket Bluetooth to FM radio adaptor you might be using to stream music in your car. FM transmitters are incredibly regulated and are only permitted to broadcast 200 feet from the transmitter site. AM transmitters are regulated by power and not distance. This allows the AM signals to go a bit further. Perfect for a village the size of Grand Rapids!

Towpath Radio can also be heard at TowpathRadio.com, through the Apple/Android Towpath Radio app, and various other apps like My Tuner Radio, Get Me Radio, and Online Radio Box.

Voice commands were also launched late last year for Alexa and Google Home. If you have an Alexa device just enable the Towpath Radio Skill by saying, "Alexa, enable Towpath Radio." Once enabled all you need to say is, "Alexa, play Towpath Radio." All Google or Android devices like phones, tablets, and Google Home will now use the voice command, "Okay Google, talk to Towpath Radio."

We hope you find the new way of listening helpful! Thanks for listening to Grand Rapids' Towpath Radio.

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