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Win a Free Psychic Reading from Tammy Schuster

Updated: Jan 5

Want to win a free 30 minute psychic reading? Read on!

I've posted before about how I am a man of multiple projects! The latest is my Paranormal Exploring video series. In a nutshell, I'm traveling around the area to experience the haunted locations we all have heard about through books or through the ghost stories we all like to tell.

Check this out...

Exciting, right!! I can't wait to release our experience at the haunted jail and abandon school later in the fall of 2022.

So what about the psychic reading?

Well, the woman in the video clip above is my friend Tammy Schuster. Tammy is a psychic medium. I met her when I hosted mornings at 106 KHQ in Northern Michigan. She is VERY good at what she does. Actually, here's an example from when we visited the Shoppes at Carson Block in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Pretty amazing. Right?

Anyway, Tammy is helping me grow my YouTube Channel by offering a free 30 minute reading to one lucky subscriber!

The reasoning for this is not my ego (I know, hard to believe!). We're planning a trip on Halloween weekend to explore the haunted Cottonwood Inn in Empire, Michigan. This place is CRAZY haunted as we've both experienced activity in the past.

The plan is to go YouTube Live for around an hour at the b&b but YouTube requires 1,000 subscribers to go live.

This is where you come in...

If you click here to subscribe to the channel we will randomly select one winner per 1k subscribers for a free 30 minute phone reading from Tammy! (Here's the link to copy and paste into your browser:

Not convinced?

Check out another video!

Tell your friends and we hope to see you live from the Cottonwood Inn in late October!


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